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If you have found a grounded bat click here or call the helpline 0345 1300 228.

Sean Hanna writes:

On St George’s day, I realised my 30 year old ambition of running the London Marathon - whilst there are probably easier ways to enjoy the sights of London, they can’t be quite as much fun as running round the Cutty Sark in Greenwich or crossing Tower Bridge.  The amazingly generous donations to my fundraising for Kent Bat Group and Medway Asthma Self Help, two charities which would never normally benefit from such a huge event, helped me round the course– many thanks to those who donated, it is hugely appreciated.  Given I hadn’t been able to train for ix weeks before the marathon due to injury, I am still shocked by my time of 3 hours, 29 minutes and 21 seconds and the best thing is I also raised £340 for each charity!
If anyone would still like to donate, please visit my fundraising page at  and I know the donations will be put to great use – thank you.


Look at our What's On page for activities, we have a series of indoor meetings in Lenham over winter. 

Bats are declining, due mainly to the loss of roosts and feeding areas, and the effects of the increased use of pesticides. Kent is probably under greater pressure for change to the environment than anywhere else in Britain.

The Kent Bat Group has been working to help protect Kent's bats since 1983. Fourteen of Britain's 18 resident bat species have been recorded in Kent since then. Records in Kent include Alcathoe's bat which has only been recognised as a species in the UK since 2010 and Bechstein's bat, one of the UK's rarest bats. In addition a vagrant, the greater mouse-eared bat was found in 1985.

The Kent Bat Group is proactive in promoting awareness of bats, to the general public and to specialist groups likely to come across bats in their work.

Please browse our website and find out more about bats in Kent.


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Photos above: A brown long-eared bat; Our stand at the County Show; A baby soprano pipistrelle bat.