Nathusius PipstrelleLeislers Bat

Thirteen of the eighteen species of British bat have been recorded in Kent (a Natterer's and a Leislers are shown above). This includes a new species, the Alcathoe bat, added in 2010. For information on all the species of bat found in Britain, visit the Bat Conservation Trust web site.

One of the most important species found in Kent is the Serotine bat. This bat is restricted to southern England.

Do you live in Kent?

If so it is really important that you tell us if you have bats in your area. We need accurate records of bats in Kent to help us work for their conservation. If you see bats around your area, or have them roosting in your house, please let us know by sending us an e-mail. Please include the following information:

Please note we would only like to receive records for the county of Kent.

As well as sending us your records if you would like to, you can also add them to the Bat Conservation Trust's BIG BAT MAP

Please do also send your records to us and not just put them on the map, as we need to build up as complete a collection as possible of bat records in Kent, in order to learn more and help protect them.

Below are pictures of a Bechstein's Bat and of a Common Pipistrelle and a Leisler's Bat side by side.

Bechsteins Bat Leislers and 45 pip