Dobby the Serotine

Here are some of our favourite batty links:

UK bat sites:

The Bat  Conservation Trust

Useful information:

The Kent Bat Box   A pdf with instructions on how to build one

The Kent Mammal Atlas is a collaborative project between Kent Mammal Group (KMG), The Kent Bat Group (KBG), Kent and Medway Biological Records Centre (KMBRC) and the East and West Kent Badger Groups. It was published in 2015 and is now available, details here

Not a bat group - but well aware of bat issues:

Kent Underground Research Group

Regional Bat Groups:

Berks and South Bucks Bat Group

Durham Bat GroupA harp trap for surveys

Essex Bat Group

Hampshire Bat Group

Herts & Middlesex Bat Group

London Bat Group

North Bucks Bat Group

North Yorkshire Bat Group

Surrey Bat Group

Sussex Bat Group

Warwickshire Bat GroupChecking an underground site

International links:

Bat Conservation International (USA)

Trinibats Conserving the bats of Trinidad

BatThai Helping to conserve bats in Thailand

Other Sites

KMBRC - The Kent and Medway Biological Records Centre collects records of Kent's bats and other wildlife.

Kent Bat Migration Research Report  In 2012 and 2013 a research study was conducted by BSG Ecology to establish whether seasonal patterns of bat activity indicative of migration are apparent on the Kent coast. In 2012 survey work was undertaken at Dungeness, and following interesting results, BSG extended the study in 2013 to include two additional sampling locations; Dover and Sandwich Bay. The static detectors were deployed in mid-April and collected in mid-November.  There is a report on the website linked above.

Bat Detective  a citizen science bat project.

BatBox  produce the 'Batbox' bat detectors.

BBC Wildlife Podcasts the 25th March 2014 podcast has a section on bats and an interview with Prof. Kate Jones.

Kent Wildlife Trust working towards a living landscape and living seas, in and around Kent and Medway.

Also see Kent Wildlife Trust's Study days including one on bats and Wild About Gardens including the best bat garden.

Kent God's Acre Project provides advice, training, tools and support for churches in the Diocese of Canterbury to encourage wildlife diversity in their churchyards.

UK Safari for anyone interested in the wildlife and countryside of Britain. Features facts, photos, and a free newsletter.

The Churches Conservation Trust arranges occasional church camping "Champing" bat nights!

Kent Mammal Group  its aims are to: raise awareness of the plight of the County's mammals, promote recording and study of mammals in Kent, help to conserve mammals and to provide a forum for those interested in wild mammals.

And finally a KBG member pointed out that there is lots of interesting information on bats internationally on this Texan website. Please note that we are not endorsing its products.



Photos above: Serotine bat; A harp trap used for surveys; Checking an underground site for hibernating bats.